True School Warriors

from by C.O.T.I. x ConSensus

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[Verse 1: Imagine]

Asking myself, "What's the purpose of life?"
In search for the bright, I nurture the right
Burn all norms with the words I ignite
Karma's a beast and it hurts when it bites
Making a feast of your reality
Taking your heart for an excursion in heights
Naked insanity, perversion in sight, hope lingers
As long as they don't turn off the lights!
No one seems to care or be aware
I feel concerned therefore I turn up the mic
To shout my lungs out
And use the verbs take myself heard
Don't need no guns now!
From the crack of dusk until the sun's out
And all these crooked beings can run now
It's time for peace love unity and fun now! Hip Hop!
A simple message with a righteous aim
We need to spring back to the essence and fight for change
Conquer the unknown despite the strangeness
Unlearn and un-tame ourselves to enlighten brains

[Chorus: Dr Koul & Evita Koné]

True School Warriors to fight the hate
Move cross borders in a righteous way
When the tough get going, the going get tough
The struggle's overflowing we carry our heads up!
True School Warriors to fight the hate
Move cross borders in a righteous way
When the tough get going, the going get tough
The struggle's overflowing we carry our heads up!

[Verse 2: Dr Koul]

When push comes to shove
Do you want true love, or just the look of love?
Tell you where I got this Erich Fromm
I wrote the book of love
With the divine, with society's fine line of anatomy
And unrefined pictures of lust
And when we travel to dust, like neutrons to neutrinos
The beat's gone, from dudes we know to new sequels...
Death is a vessel, a philosophical wrestle
The best of the best will stop when it gets to the few people
Who invented their life. There's no rules for the rest of us
Like, "One God, one love" and the test is your might!
Can you resist under torture? Do you exist under orders
Of the bliss you avoided, the point is to live
Disappointed? Forgive. You're annoyed? Forgive!
It's just boyish, a kid, what do we exist for is to give
Two plus two is four, give what you get
But we always want more
That's the cause of the war: regret


[Verse 3: ConSensus]

The charlie fiend, sniffererific
Charlie Sheen winnolypics
Charlie seen in his dreams
As he's grinning with the winning ticket
So when I start to speak they flippin' listen
The hard to master piece of pass conceived inner visions
And while you laugh at me, that part of me exists as different
One armed archery; you targets need to fix your distance
I dare you to carry on, monkey do monkey soon
‘Caesar of the apes’ I was raised, in the planet of
Quality clear, the monopoly of fear
Bought a soldier to fortune to a lottery of tears
Disappointment when promising ideas, no apology
It’s been years you best acknowledge me
I’m here as a prodigy. Despite the dark, fire starter
Entire spark where philosophy appears
Real life is a false dichotomy
What kills guys is Bill Sikes
And his Bulls-Eye doggy lead!



from StreetSchool Dropout EP, released October 22, 2016
Vocals: Imagine, Dr Koul, ConSensus
Instrumental production: SeZ'
Violin: Julian Azkoul




Captains Of The Imagination (C.O.T.I.) Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva's leading English-language Hip Hop crew constantly evolves through creative lyrics and orchestral arrangements over hard beats & smooth melodies. Principle vocalists: Evita Koné, Dr Koul & Imagine.

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