We Remain

by Imagine & Amok

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Second album by Imagine on the vocals and Amok on the machines.


released June 26, 2019

Rap: Imagine
Instrumentals: Amok

Recorded and produced by Catacombes Prod.
Mixed by Osciopak.
Artwork by Vadym Kibardine.

ⓦ world Wide connects


all rights reserved



C.O.T.I. (Captains Of The Imagination) Geneva, Switzerland

C.O.T.I. (Captains Of The Imagination) is an English-speaking Hip Hop crew based in Geneva, Switzerland. Imagine, Evita Koné, Dr Koul & Capitán on vocals, Dj Tiny Tim on the decks, and SeZ' on the beats.

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Track Name: Decent life (feat. Dj Ara'Z'Cut)
Im just trying to live a decent life,
but every time I think it makes it hard to reason right.
'Cause I got so much in my brain I need to free tonight,
a thin line between what I hate and what I seem to like.

Choices are so hard to make,
love is everywhere,
how many hearts can break...
A new direction - why don't I start today?
My path is shining Ive never looked at the stars this way, so

where is it I'm gonna go from here?
I don't know, but who said mustn't show no fear?
I plant sadness and watch flowers grow from tears,
those were my dark hours here comes my golden years

Open my eyes to what's beautiful
what I see now is bigger then what I use to know
I'm just a tiny piece of what I choose to show,
Listen to the art speak and let the music flow


If you listen to the voice, inside your head, inside your head,
you can maybe hear the choice that finds your way. finds your way,
where is it you gonna go? Right or left (right or left)
Even though it's hard to know, time will tell (time will tell).

Why am I waiting?
Why can't I see it,
I keep escaping,
when am I breathing.

I'm the one who chose a different rout,
my demons are so close it's hard to get them out.
moment of truth ain't no time for regrets and doubts
it's been too long I can't just mess around
I've been blessed so I should start smiling,
for those that left, I will march in silence.

Let's make this life one to remember,
enjoy the light, before we're gone forever.
Gliding and glowing, ain't no one blinding my focus,
love is the key I'm at the door right when opens.

Writes of a poet, finally showing,
what is lying deep down of the mind when it's frozen.
Every dog has his day, look on the bright side,
you'll find your way, don't let your time slide.

Track Name: Trapped
Every little bit of life you take,
is more mystery,
and energy to light your fate.
Even if you think you might escape,
death is never late it seems to be the price to pay.

You lost your love but life goes on,
you've had enough it's same old song.
With a hole in your soul and a stain in your brain,
try to hold to your goals, it's the pain that sustains

All you know is procrastinating,
your story is a lie, a walking masquerade.
You save your breath, but waste your steps,
you shame yourself, don't face your mess.

When is it you gonna learn
that only your heart can tell you where to turn.
choices will be taken it's just a matter of time
truth will be revealed
the second you take this mask off your mind


How can you know which way to go,
lost on this road, best take it slow
'cause life goes fast and time's no joke.
Take off your mask and
save your soul...

Tear drops are heavy like hail,
fear growing as big as plenty white whales.
doubt is so blinding you just can't tell,
if your dreaming or not and it feels like hell.

You wanna wake up, but your eyes seem to stay shut
Rip your disguise and bleed all your make up.
Not what you wanted, now it's haunting so much,
lie there astonished, truth hurts and wears no bluff.

But honestly what the fuck you thought,
pretend to be a victim with not enough support?
It's more then time to cut the crap,
snap back to reality it's must you act.

If your dreams are beautiful go on and live them,
a brick each day ain't nothing wrong with building.
It's always easier to mask yourself,
then to go out in the unknown and ask for help.

Track Name: Misfits (feat. Dr Koul)

You don't like what they say and you hate what they do.
You don't fit into their system that's to hard to get through.
No, you don't want to live this way 24/7 just to get this pay.

Like a plant you need watering they want you to dry out,
to keep you from wandering.
In a path you wouldn't take otherwise,
your soul trembles as you gaze in big brother's eyes.

Dr Koul:

Fitting in, unfit for the film you're in
There's a flicker of the fixtures underneath your skin
It's a full-feature futuristic field vision
Farming personalities and attributes to feed the kids.

Which disguise will you fondle to disfigure your soul?
Feeling fingers trying to strangle what you'd been before?
Sold authenticity, the freak conforms
Banished to big-city shadows where freedom performs


And everything you thought that you had to be is really just a fantasy
and everyone is stuck and you have to leave break free from this factory
and every little step you take, takes you closer to a place
you didn't plan to be...
Is it too late to escape from this mastery?
your true face is the master key.

Dr koul:

Who am I, actually, when the mask falls?
Just another back-up dancer in a masked ball?
An impostor with my back to the wall?
My posture is impeccable... Oh, that's what you thought?

But I'm carrying the back pain of twenty years back pay
Tension, fears, sad days hidden under pressures of my last name
and that's the way that my essence is half-erased
I have to chase my true self, through the message of my rap's page


You like to walk sideways,
you listen to your heart you don't care what the mind says.
You're not in the right place,
taking different angles just to find space.

And any way you really wanna be you go for it
the key to being me is what I open with.
Not formed by the norm just a slave to your dreams
sometimes living in a storm is safer than it seems.

Track Name: This love can kill your soul
It's hard to find the time, to have the right spirit,
to not be blind open your mind so you can fight with it.
Love is a perfect hideaway.
so much to correct, I cannot die today.

Now what I'm trying to say,
it's so mysterious I've never been through this kind of phase.
Yes I'm lying to myself now,
I wanna move but it's hard to open how?

Should I know which place is best,
I gotta go and face this mess.
got no control no space to rest,
my heart is frozen, pain in my chest.

Yes I am young but love is old,
and if I think I found the one than it must be gold.
stop living in the cold, life can be warmed,
karma kissed my soul, I have be warned.


This love can kill your soul,
be careful where you go,
'cause you don't know how close you are from losing all control.
Moving on can feel so slow,
when everything is cold.
be free to open up and face the fear of the unknown.

Learning and yearning for knowledge I'm burning inferno,
there always more to be concerned with!
It's all a blur when your'e living in a lie,
everyones hurt and forgiving you can try!

But forgetting is a whole other story!
Start digging a hole it's one more demon that you burry.
Days will pass, but it won't fade so fast,
and when you wake up you still gotta face the past.

Why does everything feel so wrong?
if reality doesn't want us where do we belong?
I've tried,
but this can't go on,
I gotta muster my courage, can't blame no one

but myself for my actions have been weak,
fate is glaring at me, asking to me to speak.
It's always the right moment to voice the truth.
I would do anything just be close to you.

Track Name: Puzzle
When life is just a puzzle in the jungle of the beast,
you fumble and you struggle just to find the missing pieces,
but what is there behind the mere concept of some freedom?
Get trapped inside your mind, simply looking for a meaning.

Where is the freedom we all deserve?
what is it's meaning? is it merely just a word,
or are we the cause of the problem we created,
started all crawling, now we're falling in this fakeness.

Why are the poor so easily discriminated,
and the rich excused for being racist?
We're at the core of fear and hatred,
humanity's sick and she signed a deal with satan.
is it too late for us to be awakened?
money's our god we forgot that dreams we're sacred.

We're living in a prison of law and order,
Brothers and sisters aren't allowed to cross the border.
Spreading more and more nonsense,
let's break these doors and open up your conscience!
It's the dawn of a new era,
say hello to the president, watch him, welcome.
True terror.


Either Blocked in a box or locked in a cell.
stopped by a cop to rottin' in jail.
A million wicked ways to keep you captive,
do what they say, and that until you vanish.

I don't want this modern slavery
a 9 to 5 until I die that just ain't made for me.
I know the devil's trynna play with me,
but on these cowardly grounds I stand for bravery.

Freedom is a bird that has been parted from his wings,
they've plucked out all his feathers no longer can it sing.
It's bleeding in these words being pulled up by string,
a puppet show for the leisure of the king.

Now are we just the pawns of a game that has no rules?
Attention drawn each day closer to these fools.
Our family is suffering from this pain and treason,
let's unshackle humanity in the name of freedom.

Track Name: Listen (feat. ConSensus & Evita Koné)

Mutilation of communication,
confusion reigning yeah we're too impatient,
truth escaping not a move we're making.
Just read the news see how they use their statements
I wonder who is playing? how the maneuver hatred?

The ones that don't listen to you are those that rule our nation,
hide feeling stop speaking now just get a phone.
Eyes bleeding, ears screaming but you're never alone,
who gives a fuck of what your'e talking about?
Their life is more important, you should be watching your mouth.

They can't hear you 'cause their ego's too loud,
the illusion of power is what makes people too proud.
Therefore, no one listens to no one,
misunderstandings give birth to violence
and the nonsense go's on.

Damn, just gotta go people are so rushed,
don't wanna know mind just blows up.
Don't take a minute to hear what you're gonna say...
This conversation is finished, see you another day.

You talking, you talking but when is it you're gonna listen?


Mutilation of communication,
the communication groove
Listen! listen! listen! listen! listen!
Change your tune!
Talk what you know,
fork in the road makes you choose.
Plans to show... it's the Amber Rose naked truth.

The promise to be flirty, Nokia 3330.
Snakey move, but pushing buttons doesn't make it true.
You fat stupid big haters!
Your souls never converse unless it's flat shoes and thin trainers.

Picture how I predicted and changed the outcome of...
Actions speak louder than that which picture's paint 1000 of...
Words my friend, it hurts my friend,
but what occurs my friend...
It don't matter matter if you're proud or not.

The malcom not found in the middle
Jimmy riddle, my talk shows like Falon and Kimmel.
You fake balling supporters!
Only offer is a dribble.
Top cats, turn into officer dible, that's simple.

Track Name: They say (feat. Dj Ara'Z'Cut)
They say it's time for me to stop, I'm too visible.
Why don't you do something you're not, you're too critical.
You're tiring us with your serious rhymes,
what's happening are you angry?
Such a furious mind...

Yeah I saw him at the open mic!
This guy raps on and on,
it's like he stole the hype.
But I keep flowing like
I don't really give a fuck,
if you don't enjoy this right.
Let me tell it how it is,

if you don't like it leave,
man I ain't got time for this.
In none of your boxes i fit in,
so kick rocks
keep your toxic thoughts far in the distance.
Been real since the beginning,
don't blame me for being in love
when a record spinning...

But i'm familiar with the envious type,
so jealous, won't hesitate to step on your light.
Won't lose myself in the ego!
Remember to always be true to the people!
Now I could have a fast flow,
like I really wish I spit a bit faster but it doesn't matter,
'cause poetry gives me everything I ask for.

It's just feeling so relieving to let your heart pour,
I find life's meaning, so much freedom in this art form.
As soon as the songs finished I wanna start more,
a peaceful shelter in a dark storm.

My letters are getting older
therefore they help me,
when time is heavy on my shoulders.
Never wished to be the greatest of all times,
just went on creating to have a family I could call mine.
Learned to express big feelings in small lines,
daily on the grind to keep a sharp mind.

They say a lot of things, well they can talk, fine.
I'll live my dreams, and let the stars shine.
Track Name: Cycle (feat. Evita Koné)
Have some faith child,
that's what nature told me
when I looked into her face smiling.
Don't you waste time,
and when solitude is screaming,
please don't hate silence.

Stick to what uplifts you,
that's the only way you'll get through
Life, if you take the risk to
follow your heart,
don't let the emptiness swallow your art.

The path towards ego is shallow and dark,
and peace can't be aimed with an arrow or dart.
Love will shake your soul,
wake you up, and make you fall.
And no road or track is truly paved with gold.

Make your journey worthy of learning,
it's about what you know,
not much you'll be earning.
Spark your torch and light up the darkness.
The second you close your door,
another life will be starting.

Chorus (Evita Koné)

Sorrow yes it ebbs and it flows
but i'm grateful for tomorrow.
When you struggle you grow, yeah you grow.
What we might know
is not certain but things they come and they go
and I'm grateful for the cycle.


Dry your tears son,
the universe is here for you
he doesn't fear none.
Cling to your dear ones
those who walk with you
when you most need them.

Life is not a burden that you carry around,
open up, try to be concerned on whats happening now.
Learn to enjoy the moment,
happiness can't always be asking you out...

Life is a balance
when a new day is born
it's just another challenge.
The earth revolves on it's axis.
What goes around comes around.
words can't solve all your actions.

You have to, take it step by step,
think first about what you can give
not how much can I get.
Time waits for no man,
listen to each second
and best you'll get to know him.

Track Name: Dog (feat. Zachary Ksyk)
Oh brother my thought goes to you when the sun's up
looking at the sky right now I'd like to come up.
Skate on the clouds and ride the thunder,
you left us on one of the hottest days of summer.

My heart turned cold
when her voice told me you were no longer,
it ripped a part of my soul.
You knew how to turn art into gold,
pure and authentic when you walked you would glow.

Used to kill it at every spot we would go,
support me to the fullest when I sparked up a show.
When you left Dog, I lost so much hope,
you were a God for sure you left a mark on the globe.

Had the funeral of a rockstar,
so many people to celebrate your lost heart.
Tears pouring,
not scared of the unknown but the fear of knowing
that you were gone for real.

Not even a lifetime it would take for our hearts to heal.
They say the good die young well that must be true.
Life always surprises you with something new.
Your soul I could rely on, you could trust me too.

A true friendship nothing can end this,
not even death no, this love is endless.
I dedicated this song to you,
every rhyme letter and sentence yes they belong to you.

I will enjoy every sip of this adventure, I know you'd want me to.
And some day at the end of this path guess who I'll bump into?
For now I'll bow down to the stars and moon,
for they shine bright like your memory I'm walking through.

Brother I miss you and everyday it is your smile I take a trip to.
I can't live in the past but I can make you my present, giving you all the love that I have dog you taught me a lesson.
Losing you just cannot be accepted.

Forever in my dreams, may our hearts stay connected.

You're lost
But I will find you someday 'cause deep inside I know that there's more than one way.

You're lost
But I will find you someday in the book of my life you always make the front page.
Track Name: Eclipse (Anastasia Solay & Thibault Martinet)
Once met a love with a musical ear,
she whispered greatness and shed beautiful tears,
told me that in this world of hunters I'd get used to the fear
and if I listened close enough i'd turn confusion to clear.

Her wings were so wide we could both fly away
and if I came with her she would invite me to stay.
We both flew off leaving everything behind,
above the clouds we had more dreams to find.

Taught me the language of wonder,
each word was magic, on the moon together hanging beyond.
Life had never been softer,
in her eyes I was lost in,
feelings were ripe and
passion had blossomed.

We built our nest on a star,
love was so high she reached the crest of my heart.
Our minds drifted as our souls lingered on,
time was gifted, I let her sing along.

Chorus (Anastasia Solay)


Galaxies I could see in her eyes,
later on I found out she was the queen of the sky.
Shared our first kiss in orbit,
our space was enormous,
made of this planet our fortress.

Gave birth to a celestial prince,
went to discover his roots
hasn't left the earth since.
So we sent messages in forms of constellations,
and stars kept shooting the more we contemplated.

Between lightening and thunder we went on creating,
and when the sun started shining was just a confirmation.
Love was getting old,
but we felt so young,
never letting go.

remembering the music that got us together,
a tune that caught us forever.
On the wings of a memory
where it all started, she left us.

Track Name: Dream Loop (feat. Paps & Dr Koul)

I’m not superstitious
but i believe there’s a new affliction
cuz the true depiction of the truth is not the one that you’ve been given, it’s a crude rendition

So question it,
make sense of the worst and the best of it.
Don’t just read what you think, read the rest of it
and develop x-ray vision through censorship

Hop fences and discard the common consensus,
a synopsis will clot your perspective.
Its not an objective thought,
nobody coulda guessed it would get this dark...

In the age of information you choose your ignorance,
you choose your impotence,
you choose to be schooled by the media,
ruled by the greedy and used like a simpleton

Yeah, shame on them,
but it still means they fooled you once.
Hard time for being a pothead
but a rapist only gotta do two months

Does that seem right to you?
Does it feel like its just a part of life to you?
Are you really tryna tell me that you honestly think
that justice should be cold as just ice to you?

Nah fuck that, it ain’t normal!
We should stick to one another like cornrows.
So many know this but so many don’t,
some’ll take action but so many won’t.

Some’ll make movements, some’ll talk big
some’ll talk friendly, some’ll talk shit
some’ll make progress, some’ll make dough
some’ll stay sleep till the day they woke...


I fell in love with the music,
can't stop won't stop,
must be the movement.

I got nothing to lose here, don't you think I got
something to prove here.
Do they really wanna hear it?
Who's in here with the feeling and the spirit,
it's just the beginning, dream's never finished.
Anyways, who's believing in my lyrics?

Do this for the ones I love, for the friends and the family
only in these songs I trust, where rhymes can live happily.
writing is fighting and fighting is writing,
the right to enlighten the sight on the blind ones.
Show the minds they can open up (wide)
'cause they might never know enough.

Everyday is a lesson,
learn from mistakes 'cause that's what your'e left with.
No answers to questions
living in a world where guessing is a blessing.
you think that your'e free but they got you all.
They even got me when I rap new flows.
First to stand will be the last to fall!

Fast and furious, life is a pilgrimage.
Got to be curious, try 'till the end of it.
Surrounded by souls yet we die alone,
help those in the cold to find a home.
Ladies and gents it's time to ascend,
no Mercedes Benz will drive us to sense.
One day will arrive, hope,
is what keeps me alive.

Dr Koul:

So-called leaders lying in wait, leading the blind astray
Leaving the right of way, leaving behind the greatness
I read between the lines seen between the lines we’re erasing.
Then flip a page sideways, slip into a sleep that’s wide awake.
Time is fake, whether chance or fate, we’re stuck in place
‘Cause life is a dream that our minds create

And we’re just not lucid
So how can we choose the approach we should use
If our own subconscious won’t let us view it?
Last night, I dreamt I was a butterfly
Or am I a butterfly dreaming I’m human?
I sting like a bee, I’ll be free in another life
And for now I keep moving

And I believe I can make it right
So I put up a fight and I read and debate and I try to defeat the hate,
So I run to receive sun rays to my face when my dream gets gloomy.
Maybe I’ll perceive real truth one day.
For now I just want to feel beauty,
Laughter, happiness, harmony…
and I let it flow through me.

Feel the winds of the heavens in the presence of a new me.
I’m a lonesome child and a wise old sufi.
I’m at home in the wild and my soul is music
Open to shining but so translucent
I am one with the Tao, in the Now, is the true me
Peace, love, unity.
Track Name: Industry
Where's the music?
Where's the art?
How to use it,
how to spark it,
What direction
is the right?
Send a message
or live to fight?

Against yourself in the fast lane,
in this game called hell start adapting
where the ego's devil
and change is permanent,
your being's for sale,
face your enemy.

The industry wasn't built for me,
Not a cent they will get from me,
but that's what you say,
and that's what you think
when there's no other way
you let them buy you a drink.

'Til they empty your soul,
got no where to go,
you wanted to leave but they opened the door.
Now you've entered,
and there's turning back,
watch yo step,
they be burning your tracks.

You ain't used to that,
you got fooled in fact.
Stumbled upon clueless path,
they call the shots, sold your spirit,
yes they bought your lyrics so just do the math.

Blood suckers,
nut huggers.
Take a lie and they make it real,
they know you'll buy so they fake the deal.
This strange emotion that you hate to feel.

Enough of this motherfuckers, keep coming abundantly,
fundamentally redundant too me, wannabe wannabes,
No need for no summary, no.
It's not your turn, so just stay in line,
it's not too late to change your mind.
The question is are you afraid to shine?

Fate's what you make it
so just make it rhyme!
Power to the powerless people,
forget the cowards, spending hours
to devour your freedom.
It's all make belief,
so if your waiting on god
you better pray for peace.
obey and follow.

Don't want to wake the beast.
Now if I run out of time
no one will wait for me?
The lines too straight for me,
the life too fake you see.
Hypocrisy has a voice,
truth got no space to speak.
Democracy was a choice,
but had no place to be.

It's just a mockery,
as filthy as Trump
as real as Socrates.
Call me a doctor please,
I think I'm going insane,
I cannot stop to bleed,
the venom's deep in my veins.
I have just dropped the needle.
We the People,
fuck the politicians
we know their speech is lethal.
Who do the teachers speak to,
why do we want leave school?
The education's feeble,
what do the preachers preach for?

We need love like the Beatles!
staring at broken glass,
it is so hard to see through.
Images twisted, pictures painted,
frame is so small you cannot fit in,
living restrictions, joy is forbidden,
no forgiveness if you are different,
not welcomed you cannot get in.

Where's the conscience,
where's the heart?
What's this nonsense?
it's so dark.
Good questions
bad answers,
we learn your lessons,
but we lack action.
It's not a metaphor,
no pun intended,
humans have left no cure.

They are demented.
don't think they meant no harm,
don't be so senseless,
how did they get so far?
They lost integrity.
What's the conclusion?
We're giving birth to problems and killing all solutions.

The government is haunted so is the constitution.
A great big set up all made to cause confusion.
Do what they tell us so we just fall reclusive.
All alone,
solitary, on the phone.
Armed and deadly
tears of pain,
humanity cries, fear of change.
all hope dies...

But we remain.
Track Name: Roots
To the one that first held you in his arms,
carried your first steps,
that said you could you far.
The one that you can always count on,
even when life was frowning he told you smile son.

Taught you how to speak, eat, breathe with respect.
showed you that nature special and that greed you should forget.
When doubts are fronting you know he's got your back,
a shoulder that you can lean on to find your path.

No matter what happens, you know he's there.
and whatever you choose to do, he shows he cares.
More than a role model he's an example,
that if you follow your dreams all your knots will untangle.

From the stories he used to read at bedtime,
to philosophizing at the peak of a mountain.
This man sure knows how to spend time when your around him.
This man's my father and I'm so proud of him.


Life would be nothing if these two souls hadn't met
And through their eyes
they said something
And the answer to their question just meant
Life would be nothing if these two souls hadn't met
And through their eyes
they wore no disguise, from morning to night.
Moon and sun joined to shed light.

To the one that kept you warm since day one.
That was a shelter fro your storms when came one.
The one that taught you how to laugh,
gave birth to your sense of humor
and walked you down your path.

Told you to believe in yourself,
that you were intelligent, always there
when you needed some help.
Taught you to stay focused,
that you could dream but you should stay open

To opportunities and people,
greeted everyone with open arms
showed you that we are all equal.
Showed you that life can be simple,
a good meal and a family
can make your light twinkle.

More than a role model she's inspiration,
such a strong woman
and it's me that she created.
From the laughter to the delicious recipes she cooked.
This woman's my mother and she treats me good.

Track Name: Naked (feat. Zachary Ksyk)
So loud are the words in my head
like a crowd yelling,
seems like no one heard what I said.
Seems like the further I get
I'm always so close to the first of my steps.

It's hurting now
Pain is muscled like it's been working out.
It's disturbing how
Life keeps laughing at me like a circus clown.
I worship sound,
'cause it's the only thing keeping me at the surface now.

I let my heart weep on a dead tree,
my bars bleed when I reveal what upsets me.
So hard to be an artist do you get me?
even harder to just be.
i'm working trying to better myself believe me,
stopped smoking now what's left of my health? I'm breathing.

I'm love sick,
never enough never satisfied
will she come quick?
I let my guts sing,
sometimes the taste of these days is disgusting.
joy is bluffing, am I really happy?
or just a toy of destruction?
what's point of all this,
is there even a point who's calling?

My sleeping Karma, reality's my enemy
the dreams my armor.
I've betrayed already
won't be death before dishonor.
Yeah I gotta be honest
sometimes my weakness just wants to feel stronger.
my mind looks beyond.
but time always reminds me where I belong.

I let my darkness shine,
to not go crazy when there are no signs.
iI gotta count that many blessings,
the end can come any second.
Now is the hour to be very present.

The heart that beats is the art that speaks
And when I'm looking for a rhyme it's the stars I reach

Find me
where poetry meets soul,
where the deaf dumb and the blind be.
You won't miss me it's just a question of timing.
How far can my lines reach?
High on mars will I find the right speech.

Gotta dig deeper,
the alphabet is a feast
and I'm a big eater.
Yes I have been a cheater,
and yes one of my brothers has seen
the grim reaper.
I have lost only to gain experience,
after all this i'm still the same but different.
Life is mysterious, a strange significance

So I stay curious and paint these images.
to be free I keep my art open,
it's helps me breathe whenever my hearts broken.
I have a cat now,
she makes me happy,
never thought I could be that proud.
Simple things what more can I ask now?
My demons and angels have sat down.

We are all even, now I can rap loud.
nothing's keeping me from screaming,
I have always preferred a message and a meaning.
I turn passion to action
on a ship called imagination
I am the captain.
With a monotone flow.
Choose to bring light
to what others don't show.

Started alone,
I got a whole crew now,
when your growing
nothing can slow you down.
Peace to family,
may we live happily,
a never-ending story.
Like in my childhood books,
life ain't an add, we don't all smile with good looks.

So what's the next chapter,
what do you get after?
Tears and then laughter,
and then tears again.
Was it all meant to happen?
They say it's all written,
mine is the best passage.
Yes I love life,
and I have dreamt of passion.


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