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My street is yours

by Amok + Imagine

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kth333 “...it’s the richness of differences that paints the sameness of pictures...” Fantastic album from a fantastic crew full of meaningful content as evidenced by the quote. Thank you very much for the material brothers. Take care and all the best all the time, peace! Favorite track: Is it.
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Part of it 01:27
You only get change if you take a part of it! Don't watch your life fly past you, put your heart in it! Stay optimistic you are made to shine you are not a statistic! Don't let them trick your mind, we are all infinite but we're just wasting time with the laws of physics! You cannot shape the sky, so leave the stars their spirits. That's just the bottom line, why is it so hard to get it? The world is a beautiful country, open your ears and eyes yes my music is hungry! Too many innocents die now who's treating the junkies? Planet of fears and lies only dealing with money! Read between the lines wait for freedom it's coming! Louder than a summer storm, we fight the power but no guns are drawn. It's always time to make things right, ain't it? Imagine is here, give him the mic…
If you wanna 01:40
If you wanna see my real face, you gotta face me for real. Leave love some space, so I can have a place in what you feel. If you want to reach my soul, just look into my eyes, all I got is myself as disguise, I can't hide. If you wanna feel my pain taste my tears, eat my brain and take my fears. If you wanna love me, heal my heart, pull my smile up, breathe my art. If you wanna hate me, hate me. you only hate me if you loved me doesn't that sound crazy? You can't replace me, I can't either, yet we try. With hope to meet again when life will die. Time is so chill, we wanna freeze the moment! Hope is a lonely hill where no one thinks of going. So fleeting is the joy next to the eternal boredom. It's our freedom they're ignoring. It's so easy and it's the reason they enjoy it. Selling toy soldiers to baby boy, baby boy to go to war! No diamond pearl for baby girl give your body to the world, go on and be whore! Hug your tv set before I burn it, you know the peace be dead and I'm concerned with, reviving it so we can all start learning. Standing still like the horizon trying to not abide by these rules I despise, won't let the fright cover my sky I'm here to fight! I'm here to love, to kiss the night. To seize each day in order to make things right. I got some much rage against the system, but way more passion for humanity. While they destroy I will keep building a path towards true sanity. Real connections not wifi, communication, no I sign. For the people, with the people, by the people! That's the motto! Let's be equal. If you wanna understand me, just listen to these words. Every soul is an open book, make sure you read first.
No good 02:45
Life is flavorless 'cause you don't taste it, how can you learn if you don't accept that your'e mistaken. Time is only wasted if you don't take it. Every soul is unique don't think you can replace it. You can talk a lot without saying nothing, it's worthless, like thinking you know when the world will end, keep searching. I love you doesn't mean much if it's not coming from the heart. That's like telling a child he can't be afraid of the dark! You can't fight the power if your'e still wearing a tie, take off your leash and aim for honesty truth is ugly when it's buried in lies. You can't force the inspiration into yourself, that's like shouting for help in the desert, when you know there's no one else. Even if your'e clothed in diamonds and your sweet like honey, her feelings can't be rich if you only give her money. It ain't no good You can't hide forever, the mascara ain't permanent and without your disguise you look better. How can you end something when nothing you wanna start. A message can't function if it's flames you don't want to spark. Breathing is useless without feelings, that's like sleeping without dreaming, there's something missing. you can't rely on disbelief that's not possible, you got to believe in yourself at least if not your'e lost for sure. The game will never be won 'cause they tricked it, so fuck the rules and keep resisting. You can't tell someone he'll be better with religion, that's like saying enjoy yourself to someone in prison! "No one should ignore the law" but what if the law is ignorance? And what if this world's a fraud? Don't expect peace in the streets if you keep walking with belligerence. It ain't no good.
If I had 01:12
If I had what I don't need would I be happier? (Who knows?) Should I stop thinking or should I just carry on? How many mornings will I wake up to see the day? And if I leave this place will my mistakes follow me all the way? is it all so bad or just all okay? It's easy to pretend and yet hard to say! Their game ends when ours starts to play. We got our minds to soar and our hearts to prey. Now let us clean our faces with the earth, look at nature in the eyes, quit our jobs to make things work. Flush the television. This prison cell called religion! What is heaven in this hell we live in? Question god if there's still a bit of devil in him! Time has us in it's claws, we don't use him well, burning each second, we end up being melted existence!
Is it 03:00
Is it the hate that tears us apart? Or the lack of love in our heart? Is it right to be wrong? I hear mistakes are answers, from them you grow to be strong. How fleeting is eternity? What is the meaning of time? life is a sequence of mystery. That only leaving can find. What is a stranger if human race is supposed to be one? Racism is danger, out of line no race can be won. Why is it so easy to see weakness and so hard to feel power? It's often what seems most fearless, that flimsiness is surrounding. Everything is everything, it all goes together. Ignorance can feel freezing, like the coldest of winters. No one knows it all and every soul is a teacher, its the richness of differences that paints the sameness of pictures. We are all in the same pit or in a marvelous dream, but we don't all have the the same choices, that's all part of the scheme. Change is permanent and moving on is a slow process. But how can we expect progress when we keep battling for profit? Why do we need this paper? To drown our years in the waste? The moments we could've savored, all bound to fade in this cage? Locked up like birds, gradually losing our feathers, I heard freedom was a word, but i'm barely free to spell letters. It's hell on earth, and we're guarded by devils. What the fuck is this world, the only angels are rebels. Now is it the presidents, politicians or is it police? Maybe the evidence lies where people don't speak. Where the silence dances and the pain is so loud, where the violence is answer to something not allowed. We all should be standing and no one should be bowing, Face the strangeness like once said mister Bowie! Humanity is crying while destruction is crowned. Peace Lost in the making, waiting to be found.
Traffic 03:28
It started with locomotives horses and ranches, now they're driving porches wasting fortunes in mansions. Since the cradle of paper, labeled for labour, the fables of majors making your fate sound disgraceful. Portrayal of betrayal, blackmailed generation said destined for failure. They want rage just raise up, that's the way that they play us, a phrase doesn't say much yet one word is what wakes up. Traffic is like the air, it's everywhere. We gave birth to it, live the worse through it. Along came impatience, derailed humanity lost at the wrong station. People going crazy stuck in traffic jams since they we're babies! Late for the daily routine, 24/7, 365 times we don't know, escaping their dreams. Wake up, take a shit, go to work, eat shit and sleep. yeah that's how deep! What we want to be is not what they want to see, what they want to steal is what we all want to free, how's it gonna be when it's only you and me, now are we gonna be who we really wanna be. Buy yourself a life, fake friends, fake souls, follow the trend. Go on and lose your senses, listening to a sentence that a politician mentions, if you start using defenses they will be on the defensive. Massive confusion it's the mind of the mass that theyr'e using. Devils on the street selling the bible, while our so called god idles, they're still telling us lies. Different religions yet similar recitals, senseless rules to abide by. All contact of the eye died, since they invented the I sign. Go online and vision your lifetime. Check out how many species you can meet. Human race is one yet has forgotten how to be.
A paradise for parasites, in this fairy tale what is fair ain't right, what is right is unfair, so who declares the fight? Now don't despair there's light, you just got to look through the darkness. Who cares who likes me? A question many ask themselves, in their bed at night. Days become nightmares because they've slept in fright. Should we turn left or right? I'm looking everywhere, no answer left in sight. Everyone wants a piece of the cake, but no one shares a bite. Most want to reach the peak but they're too scared of heights. Talking about who suffered the most, you can't compare this right? They say the truth stinks but all i can smell is lies! I feel so lonely in this crowd, thank life, I have a pen to write. Life is tough 'cause the fight is us but we must find ourselves before the time is up. Get to know who we are, not let our minds get stuck. Open our hearts to others so we can ride with love If this is heaven, I wonder what hell is like? Death is everywhere, but where is life? It's pumping in my chest, I want to cherish mine! Wars are in our history books Where is peace? Did we not spell it right? We are so lost, what are we meant to find? We are all human, why not defend our kind? There is only one race until the ending line. Reality is so breath taking. that we don't lend no time! Full of emptiness, we just pretend we're fine. Happiness is not something that you can rent or buy, to get real love don't have to spend a dime! Look around, there is a sign! It's somewhere deep inside you. Something that you have left aside. The second you will get hands on it, you will be blessed, then, smile. Life is tough 'cause the fight is us but we must find ourselves before the time is up. Get to know who we are, not let our minds get stuck open our hearts to others so we can ride with love
Amok : Je suis l'aveugle en pleine lumière, les yeux grand ouverts Face au soleil, qui s'émerveille, narguant Lucifer Le sourd qui appelle au secours et que personne n'entend ; Aucun Dieu du haut de sa tour, j'crois bien qu'on s'entend... Je caresse le néant du bout de mes doigts, M'enfonce dans un trou béant à chacun de mes pas Les sens en effervescence, ta science, j'm'en balance Tu ne penses qu'en apparence, ta connaissance est vide de sens ! Imagine : What is real what ain't? the minds they steal or the art we tame? How far they reach us the cards are now in game. The illusion is just the ceiling of the floors they reign. Now feel the pouring rain. seek for treasures of pleasure but don't be ignoring pain. Let the dream be your reality while they declare war in vain. With my eyes wide shut and my trap right open, Peacefully minding their gaps I grasp the right moment. What you see ain't what it is when your life ain't what it seems 'Cause time never forgives and always takes back what it gives... What you see ain't what it is when your life ain't what it seems Don't even try to ask please, it's your mind you should release ! Imagine : What is fake what ain't? Aren't we all just an illusion? The laws we break or the constitution? The drugs we sling or the weapons they disguise? The wrongs we sing or the rights they deprive? Like guns clapping reality slaps you in the mind. You try to run from it, but it traps you all the time. Now feel the emancipation of imagination, Now what is real what ain't? Amok : J'ai goûté les fruits sans saveur d'une routine monotone, Dégoûté par tant de malheur, j'en ai vomi du molotov J'ai sniffé du gaz lacrymogène plus que de la poudreuse, Kiffé m'ouvrir les veines sur des mélodies creuses. Je m'arrime à ces petits riens, comme un navire au port, Chavire de bâbord à tribord quand ma rime est en vain J'en perds parfois le nord, car les lendemains sont incertains A raison ou à tort ; tout ce que je sais c'est que je ne sais rien.
Broken 04:15
How long has it been, since I've felt all right?, I don't even know where to begin. My spirit is shaking, I've gone too far, yet the limit is waiting. One step into oblivion, If I should be the father of my fate, then forgive me son. For too long I have doubted, I have been given many choices, but my mind was always clouded! How many excuses? To pile up in my heart that's already misused. I chose to not choose, eyes wide shut! Now all I know is I lost you and a part of myself! Without you I am nothing, your'e my art and my health! With you I stand tall like a mountain, when your absent water can't fall from the fountain. All these lines that I write for you no I cannot erase them, lost in the feeling that I wanted you no I cannot escape it, time will tell what I'm gonna do, but he is now forsaken! Solitude is at the rendezvous, it's my lonely heart that's breaking. Love is a piece hate is the other part, nothing can defeat what you feel for another heart. When your mind is asleep but your body's in movement, facing the fear that somebody your losing. One moment frozen in time, your saddest words stuck in the loneliest line. The memory of her holding you tight, in the darkest moments giving you light. You're frightened, but ain't nothing wrong with wanting something new right? From attachment to detachment, parts of you die, but with your life they're still matching! They say that pain will make you stronger, walk your heart ache down lanes of wonder. Who knows? from the suffering you might learn? leave the past where it is, let it be and like fire, let it burn. All these lines that I write for you no I cannot erase them, lost in the feeling that i wanted you no I cannot escape it, time will tell what I'm gonna do, but he is now forsaken. Solitude is at the rendezvous, it's my lonely heart that's breaking. From make up to break up, we wake up to take love and stay just to the soul that made us! Relationships are like clouds, they give you the illusion of comfort and when the storm comes around your heart beats like thunder! How you loved to watch her walk away, now you dream to see her coming home someday. But she might never, although you'll love her always, you gotta be quite clever, you can't turn both ways. You had the chance to dance with her beauty, don't let a sweet romance turn into cruelty! Breathe in, breath out, it can help you see! That only moving on will set you free. You can turn the page, but you can't erase the words! Just accept change and face the world. Is it the end? or just a new beginning? from hello's to goodbyes you can start forgiving.
My street is yours, beautiful and genuine sweet and raw. Open to any soul who'd like to reach it's core, where millions of hearts beat the floor! With enough love to feed the poor, where everybody lives in peace, don't need to think of war! No time or money to keep hiding what we ignore. Just the simplicity we couldn't see before. To feel what's pure! With neverending poetry to write, so future generations can read some more.
Let's unify 03:52
Let's unify, you and I, you will die I will too but the truth survives! let's unify you and I, you will die, I will too but the truth survives! let's unify. Let the earth be the mother, let the wind breeze. Let the flowers flourish, stop cutting down trees! Let the world see, the ugliness that hurts to see. The devil in his worst scene, taking hold of the untold, to nurse dreams. Until life is a nightmare, the pure scheme, that everybody ignores, they heard screams but never listened to what they we're saying! Choosing silence resignation, taking the meekest to make the weakest. From federations, to declarations, it's all a plot no hesitation! but we ain't bound for depravation! No we ain't down for devastation. Just look around your death is waiting! Savor your life, the reaper doesn't know procrastination! Times are hideous and when we're gone, no one will pity us. It's so delirious, the air is toxic, nobody's curious, but i am furious so much material! Residues of violated cows swim with your cereal! Don't just sit here waiting for a miracle, if you don't start acting then they will finish you. System's imperial, who is anybody to decide that some should be inferior! Trying to barricade all borders, while they invade all continents. Getting rich off the poor, what for? for more gold to steal! We're in a war, if you don't see it, just look at the corpses washed up on the shore! Do you still want more? Some starving and freezing in the streets, other in jacuzzis getting a treat. Some praying for rain to save their thirst, others sipping cocktails on the beach. Dignity is a battered child begging for mercy, while we're acting so wild, it is our rights we ain't preserving! What are we learning? Taught to hate what's different, knowledge is burning in the fire of corruption, where all desires become obsession, where no choice is truly chosen. Thinking we can rely on our possessions, stuck in denial we face deception! Look in the eyes of aggression, there's only violence in their confessions! No ear is lent to those who try to be attentive! Those who strive to spread awareness! Let the power to the one who truly knows it's meaning, who uses it to shine light on all beings! Not some perverted wolf dressed as a shepherd, who wants to make a feast of the elections. No we don't need this type of presence, it's only feeding the oppression! Sell the man viagra so he can keep having erections, give him some booze and weed and he will think that he's a rebel! From hotline to Facebook to twitter, hiding behind screens, we don't hear the whispers of nature dying to communicate! We ain't robots stop lying to the human race. When forgiveness is the only answer, but forgetting is another chapter. To keep resisting is your only chance to paint a brighter view what comes after! Educated to be ashamed of yourself, medicated to be forsaking your health! No pain no gain, is what they're saying in hell, their game is vain but they're playing it well. The cards are in our hands, the time is now! The stars are in our glance! So let's give it our best shot, more justice with less cops. Peace will be the next stop Chorus
Don't matter how much make up, that don't change much, we can all see what your'e made of! Wake up, to be yourself it doesn't take much, just listen to your heart, the rest your fate will take up. They blame us, enrage us to then throw us in cages. Lost 'cause we think only god can save us. Ruled by fools that act like they're sages. Go to school get a job say a prayer, after that maybe then they will raise your wages. That's the way they betray us. Conversations have faded, we don't talk to listen, we don't listen to answer! So much porn people don't even make love! life is imprisoned, death for the taking! Religion, Tv, smart phone, now am I mistaken? you want change then why the fuck are you waiting? Don't stress, brothers and sisters, it's not about how you dress, it's more about how you stretch your mind far away from the mess. Now don't try to impress, unless it's for the love you invest. Bless your surroundings, make your enemy your guest. A piece of happiness to take this pain off your chest. You possess an object, don't let yourself be possessed! Now don't get me confused here, you can have anything, it all depends how you use it. Since they invented smart phones it's like my friends have just muted! Eyes bleeding stuck to a screen that they're glued in. They tell me live with your generation, I'm like is that improvement? Shut the fuck up yo, I want some movement!
Let's talk about your stomach when your taking a shit, it's like every next push you be taking the risk! Sonny was hungry so we went to macdonalds! The add said good food, I guess the owner's not honest! After sunny had a coke, mummy had a smoke, day was funny as a joke! There's something in the air that's makes the people forget, your mind and body matter treat both with respect! Hard to do that when daddy's a couch potato, watching tv all day, saying watch your mouth today son. What do you see when your vision is a lie? Feeling weak 'cause we're all living just to die. Going to school makes you smile upside down! It's too early for sonny, he won't get up right now. Growing up to learn that money is enjoyment, be strong and handsome. The world of sunny is poison El veneno, The poison. En tu cerebro is floating. Esto es serio, we ain't joking! Estas enfermo! Oye, man! How the hell are you coping? Capitan : Tu educación fue selectiva La história verdadera está escondída Lo que te enseñaron es mentíra Margínalizan a los pobres Despues les venden drogas pa que no se enojen El consumismo es nuestro vicio El opinión de los de más es juicio "El musulmán es malo Terrorista y Extremista No los veas como hermanos, son racistas!" La víctima es tu integridad Parado enfrente del sol solo ves oscuridad No sabes ser sereno, de los senos de tu madre Mamaste un veneno, naciste intoxicado Envenenando con las ganas de vivír en vano De ganarte la vida, merecerte un baro, Infectado por la serpiente del engaño Estas enfermo de la mente ya no piensas sano
Wake up 02:38
Snoring boredom. dressed up corpses, The lord is calling, the storm is pouring Clones on thrones moaning poems, slumber is home. roaming and growing. the hope is slowing down. jokers controlling this lonely crowd dirty dishes, fishy rich men fylthy bitches, shifty system. Naked satan, fornicating and praying. Lies are yawning, truth is sighing, our times are haunted and the proof their hiding. Buying death, selling lives, right or left? compelling fright. Fear laughing, doors slamming, tears snapping. The order is damage! They murder politely and then talk about manners…. Keep loving 'til the terrorist wake up keep shouting 'til the policeman wake up, screaming out at all the sleeping people wake up if you could all just wake up. keep writing 'til the politician wakes up, keep fighting 'til the president wakes up, screaming out at all the lonely people wake up my people it will save us. Lullabies, jingles and fairies! Wages won't rise and your plate is still empty. Times are unfriendly far from merry, sages survive 'cause they remain with no envy. Plenty of money but we live off pennies, they got many offers but they don't give any. The clock is running, feel the heart it's coming. The moon is making love to the sun, while angels are sinning, we shout truth to the young. If i put a bit of me and you put a bit of you, this world soon will become, a mountain of unity to let the human be one. Just for once have fun, be rhymed deaf and dumb, never forget where your from and where you go will be the choices to front! Now let yourself flow to the rhythm of your drums.
Imagine : No matter how much I say feels like i'm always keeping so much! Eventually one day these words I will throw up. I guess accepting failure is part of growing up, but when your young and dumb you just don't know enough. You think of showing off, your never slowing down. You just keep rolling up, until things fall apart and everything is dark, you have to find the light, start looking for your heart, he'll show you your'e the spark! It is so hard to be. No matter who you are, wether your lost at sea or reaching for the stars. Life is a strange journey, made of sudden change. Where people save money, thinking it kills the pain. They're only saving waste, when they don't face their fears. Every story is made of a million tears! You have to feel sadness, to understand the joy. You don't know what comes after, so let yourself enjoy. I'm looking for the light but it's not approaching and everywhere I should I keep my mind from going! The kingdom of my dreams that no rules can conquer, is sitting at my feet yet I don't move, I wonder. Dr Koul : It's like no matter how many darn words I use I already spent my energy and burned my fuse. I wish I'd opted for silence; So they can never co-opt my rhymes. Was I lying or did they turn us confused? I seek asylum from a position of privilege, Off a ledge into an abyss, From a smile into a blurred worldview. We hurl ourselves through into oblivion, Leaving behind the obvious crime of murdering truth. It's inescapable, We're incapable of relating to the aims we were chasing When we retrace it and see it's all replaceable. Pain was in the mainframe, offered a way out We maintain the game until it plays out, Labeled as insane. Taken from the face of disdain, to lame and pitiful, Tables have changed place with ridicule, We all remain part of the ritual, making art of residual shame, You're in a duel with a devil that's invisible: take aim.
Childhood 02:48
I'm everywhere but the place I should be! Very scared of this state I can't free! I'm like a book that nobody read, lost like that word that nobody says.(Love) That tear that never dried on my cheeks, the fear that lies on my voice as I speak. A prince in a kingdom of imagination, lost in this maze of procrastination. I'm that boat in the middle of the desert, a spaceship riding a wave. Extremely extraordinary! I got no definition in your dictionaries. I'm the same as you just trying to make some difference. I got a name too but your not interested. Just stardust in a vast galaxy, my aim is intergalactic, "human nature has no color" yes my father said it! We're all a family of course yet we all forget it. From the poor to the rich, were all human, why is it so hard to exist? If we could just get a glimpse of what it is to forgive, maybe we could get further than a tip of a toe of respect! But how forgive the unforgivable? What the priest is doing is not quite biblical! Ain't it so cynical, how they can advertise death and make it spiritual. Still everybody's dying, still nobody's trying! The words hurt oh yes, but you've heard worse. While they nurse curses, the cure is being yourself in a pure earth. Ain't no life without regrets, if you don't believe that we can bet my breath! I'm as certain as it never gets, now take my contradiction for granted! My letters are frantic 'cause the sorrow is gigantic. My heart has questions, so i write my own answers !
Yo it's a quarter past my life, just a bit more. Some say my ruler is time what does it tick for? More money so my feelings can get poor? Or just a bit of love to make my days glow! A man with no questions is lost, answers will find a man when a lesson is taught. How to solve a problem if your not accepting the cause, the system is a trick, that's why we mess with the law! We're all strangers scared to be alike. The world is so dark that we can barely see the light, if we don't change ourselves then no one will treat us right! Under a kingdom of stars let us sleep at night! What am I using these letters for? With the ink of my heart i paint these metaphors! If it ain't for the poetry then I better go, feels like writing teaches me more then I'll ever know. How many times did they tell us we we're wrong, (How many times you can hear it in my rhymes come on) But we won't let anyone tell us where we belong, (Ain't nobody gonna tell me where I'm from, I know where I'm going, I'm heading towards the sun) For we know how much better we can be when we are one. (It's all for one, One for all that's the only way we're holding on) Under pressure, stormy weather more then clever let's be strong (Let's keep on keeping on, if we're aiming for freedom ain't no way we're feeling wrong) I have dreamt of some better days. On another planet, in the nest of space. High above the clouds, the reflections vague. With our heart we should set the pace! What if love was forever great? Life without contrast, you'd forget the taste! Ignorance is an escapade, the world is a messed up place, we pretend it's fake. Its not black or white, left or right, life has many ways! Different angles, in each step you take. Wishing peace, to those sent away. Those with nothing that are left to pray. With a bible or a rifle, who's the next to slay? Are you dressed to kill? Did you pay your bills? Will they let you stay? The game is over, but your'e pressing play. Chorus How did everything start? Why will nothing stop? We want open hearts, but all the doors are locked. What to look up to, when all hope is down. She might say she loves you but she's not around. Get to know yourself, don't forget the others. You want something else, go out and discover. The earth is round, is that what they taught you? Silence is a sound, that you never talk to! Do you really listen? Or you just assume. What do you believe in? Is it really true? Let them all conspire, on whatever theory. We are too inspired and our souls are weary. We need more compassion, but we're too impatient. It's our minds we're masking with this information. Are days nightmares when dreams go to bed? Let's not spend our lives scared 'til we're old and dead. Chorus
The gift 02:13
The figure of the wind, invisible to the vision of the men. Time that never ends, invincible, the passion within. The softness of a woman's skin. The beauty of nature when it's wild. The imagination of a child Blushing sky, Your eyes when you smile. Your ears when you listen, your tears when you cry. Your voice to shout, your heart to feel and your choice to doubt. Being a student and a teacher, accepting failure. Learning how to practice before being a preacher. Getting to know yourself. looking after your health, cleaning the dust on your shelf. Falling to get back up and be stronger. The strength to seize the day and breathe wonder. Forgiving so your heart can keep building, fighting so the art can keep living. The rivers, streams, lakes, seas and the ocean. The plants, dirt, the seeds the emotion. The flowers, plains, mountains, hills, the fields the erosion. The jungles and forests, the trees that are growing. The painting of each moment, making love to your beloved, when it's raining or it's snowing. Memories that never die, the poetry of humanity, reading love letters in your eyes. The food of our mothers and grandmothers. The innocence of the youth. The wounds of the truth. The stars that make us want to reach far. Hope that is long-lasting. Earning respect without asking. The necessity of music, the need of sharing, the intensity of movement. The darkness of the night, the light of the day. The surprises of time. Dreaming awake Spraying a message on a wall, giving roses to a soldier. Taking your enemy for a walk. Convincing a policeman to resign. Show the lost that he can still find! Making the president cook for the poor. Reminding politicians where they belong. Reading a book while breaking a law. Being a son, being a brother to a beautiful sister raised by a father and mom. The chance of being a family all together as one.


This is Imagine's first solo album, produced entirely by Amok of Catacombes.


released April 1, 2017

Lyrics and vocals: Imagine of C.O.T.I.

Production: Amok of Catacombes

Mix & Master: OscioPak Productions

Scratches: Dj Tiny Tim of C.O.T.I.

Featuring: Dr Koul & Capitán of C.O.T.I.

Supported by the Partisans du Hip Hop

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Captains Of The Imagination (C.O.T.I.) Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva's leading English-language Hip Hop crew constantly evolves through creative lyrics and orchestral arrangements over hard beats & smooth melodies. Principle vocalists: Evita Koné, Dr Koul & Imagine.

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